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  • saluresis — Excretion of sodium in the urine. [L. sal, salt, + G. ouresis, uresis (urination)] * * * sal·ure·sis (sal″u reґsis) [sal + uresis] the excretion of sodium and chloride ions in the urine …   Medical dictionary

  • saluretic — Facilitating the renal excretion of sodium. * * * sal·uret·ic .sal yə ret ik adj facilitating the urinary excretion of salt and esp. of sodium ion <a saluretic drug> <saluretic therapy> sal·uret·i·cal·ly i k(ə )lē adv saluretic n a… …   Medical dictionary

  • -uresis — a word termination denoting excretion in the urine of the substance indicated by the stem to which it is affixed, as chloruresis, cupruresis, or saluresis …   Medical dictionary

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